MiniModes 2024


The conference is scheduled for October 14-16, 2022.

MiniModes 2022 is the third edition of a weekend-long student optical conference organized by the Student Association of Optics and Photonics (KNOF). It aims to unite the optical community at the University of Warsaw, present the broad spectrum of its research, enrich students with fresh ideas and inspire them for new scientific achievements.

What are the main reasons why you should apply? For example:

  • Exciting lectures and workshops from top scientists, entrepreneurs and industry professionals (see Speakers section)
  • A chance to present your research in optics, photonics or related field during poster session  
  • An opportunity to meet new people from your branch and find useful contacts
  • Additional activities like brainstorming, excursions and many more!


MiniModes Photonics School is intended for students and PhD candidates. There is no conference fee. Transport to and from the conference venue, as well as food and accommodation, are provided free of charge.

What do you need to be eligible to apply for MiniModes 2022?

  • Be a student (Bachelor, Master or PhD)
  • Be ready to present your research in optics, photonics or related field, eventually submit an abstract and prepare a poster

And, of course, during the conference you’ll need to be active, ask many questions and share your passion with others!

There are no participation fees, all expenses (including transport, food, and accommodation) are covered by the organizers.

Organizing committee

  • Michał Chrzanowski
  • Zuzanna Ryduchowska
  • Rafał Błaszkiewicz
  • Zofia Dziekan
  • Cezary Kawecki
  • Michał Mikołajczyk
  • Tomasz Śmiarowski