MiniModes 2024

Conference – 2021 edition

MiniModes 2021 is the second edition of a weekend-long student optical conference organized by the Student Association of Optics and Photonics (KNOF). It aims to unite the optical community at the University of Warsaw, present the broad spectrum of its research, enrich students with fresh ideas and inspire them for new scientific achievements.


MiniModes Photonics School is intended exclusively for University of Warsaw students and PhD candidates. There is no conference fee. Transport to and from the conference venue, as well as food and accommodation, are provided free of charge.

Scientific committee

  • Michał Karpiński
  • Magdalena Stobińska
  • Michał Parniak
  • Michał Tomza
  • Marek Trippenbach

Organizing committee

  • Natalia Kuk
  • Aleksandra Łopion
  • Marek Sokołowski
  • Aleksandra Kotek
  • Cezary Turski
  • Martyna Osada
  • Kamil Łuczkiewicz
  • Uliana Pylypenko